Alkaline water and Athletes

Hydration and Athletes go hand in hand and are very important, especially when it comes to performance. It is important for all athletes to stay hydrated. And with the use of Alkaline Water this is a very simple task.

It is extremely important for athletes and high performance animals to keep their pH balanced in order to gain the maximum results of performance. “Endurance and elite sports athletes should be concerned about maintaining a healthy pH balance,” says Robert Burns, PhD. And a regimen that contains a healthy amount of alkalinity is also recommended by sports nutritionists and alkaline water is the quickest way to alkalify your body.

The use of alkaline water is proving to increase competitiveness and overall performance in world class athletes. A diet that supports alkalinity is also recommended by sports nutritionists. Consuming alkaline water will reduce the accumulation of acidity in exercising muscles, improving workout intensity and recovery time. And in order to fully hydrate you body you should be drink water that is alkalizing and full of minerals.

Competitive elite athletes and sports trainers know that subtle changes in pH can have profound effects on the overall health, feeling of wellness, level of fatigue, pain, weight, ability to train and athletic performance. Muscles work best in a narrow range of pH. At rest, muscle pH is about 6.9, while arterial blood is about 7.4. Users experienced major endurance increase, reduction in joint and muscle soreness, dramatic strength and increase in speed, increased flexibility, increased stamina, increased endurance, increased energy levels, increased fat burning and muscle building, plus a host of other health improvements.

Alkaline Water has been tested and proven to help athletes have:

  •   Faster Recovery

  •   Improved Athletic Performance

  •   Better Hydration

  •   Joint Health

  •   Prevent Cramping